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Board of Directors

Dakotaland Federal Credit Union is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors. Directors are Credit Union members who are unpaid volunteers elected by the membership. These dedicated individuals set the direction of the Credit Union and set policies the Credit Union's management and staff follow in achieving our mission and vision.

Board Members

Lance Howe Headshot
2023-Rachel Dix-website
Bonnie Geyer Headshot

Lance Howe

Chairperson of the Board

Rachel Dix

Second Vice Chairperson of the Board

Bonnie Geyer

Secretary of the Board

Gayle Kludt Headshot
Bob Curtis Headshot
George Langelett Headshot

Gayle Kludt

Treasurer of the Board

Bob Curtis

Board Member

George Langelett

Board Member

Brett Pearson Headshot

Brett Pearson

Board Member

Meet Brett

Supervisory Committee

Robin Olson - Website-1
Alisa Lutter Headshot
Ron Roy - Website

Robin Olson

Chairman of the Supervisory Committee

Alisa Lutter

Supervisory Board Member

Ron Roy

Supervisory Board Member