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For Your Review

When you desire to know more, this is where you will find it. The disclosures and notices, which accompany our products and services, are housed here for your convenience and review.


Savings Disclosures

Truth-In-Savings Disclosure
Covers disclosures related to all Dakotaland savings and checking accounts.

Membership and Account Agreement
Includes Dakotaland Membership & Account Agreement & Funds Availability Policy.

Fee Schedule

Funds Availability Policy

Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure
This covers disclosures related to Dakotaland electronic services such as Check Cards, ATM Cards, Online Banking, and Touch-Tone Teller. 

Mobile Deposit Capture Services Disclosure and Agreement 

Loan Disclosures

VISA Credit Card Agreement

VISA Credit Card Disclosure
Provides current Annual Percentage Rate, fee, and grace period information 

Equal Housing Lender Disclosure

Other Disclosures

Notice Regarding Non-VISA Pinless Debit Transactions

Debt Protection with Life Plus

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy Inquiries: If you have any questions about our privacy policy or would like to opt-out of marketing and/or third party provider mailings, contact us at 800.440.6573 or email