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A Good Business Plan

Make your money work as hard for the business as you do. Whether it is a secure place to store your capital or your 
efforts to prepare your company for emergency expenses, a workable savings plan is good business. 

Business Savings

Our basic interest bearing savings account offers a competitive dividend rate and is the key to unlocking the door to other quality products and services.

  • Maintain a minimum balance in your account of $5 and you are a member for life
  • Earn dividends on balance of $100 or more
  • Sole proprietors, partners in a partnership, members of a limited liability company or stockholders of a corporation must be in the credit union's field of membership
  • Utilize a Dakotaland ATM Card to retrieve funds from your savings account
  • Access your savings account 24-hours a day with Touchtone Teller, with Online Banking or with our Mobile Banking App

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