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Our Switch Kit is the Answer

A Dakotaland Federal Credit Union Switch Kit includes everything you need to help you make a smooth transition to "bank free" services you can enjoy as a member.

Step 1: OPEN

Open your account at any Dakotaland Federal Credit Union location today. It's quick and a $5 deposit gives you a lifetime membership to the Credit Union. Don't leave before you order your new ATM | Debit card, a supply of new checks and signed up for online banking. Note: the $5 is always yours if you leave for any reason.

Step 2: SWITCH

Switch direct deposits and automatic deposits using the Direct Deposit Form. When you ask your employer to reroute your paychecks to your new account, be sure to find out what date the first deposit will occur.

Step 3: CHANGE

Change automatic payments and withdrawals using the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form. By making a list of all your automatic payments and deposits that are scheduled to go in and out of your old account each month will ensure you don't miss one.


Transfer your credit card balances to a Dakotaland Federal Credit Union VISA Credit Card using the VISA Credit Card Application.

Step 5: CLOSE

Close all other savings, checking and bill payment accounts. Destroy your old checks and ATM Cards. Once you do close the account, make sure to obtain written confirmation for your records.

Note: you may wish to leave a small amount of cash in your old checking account for at least one more month to ensure all checks have cleared.

Use our handy Switch Kit - To Do List to help you make the switch.

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