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Put Us on Speed Dial from Your Office or Home

 Check balances, make payments or transfer funds all over the phone. It is safe, secure and so easy to use. 
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Touchtone Teller

Dial direct to your account with Touchtone Teller. It's easy, fast, convenient and free. Simply call 605-353-1500 or 800-440-7791 to access your account.

You will need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from one of our member service representatives in order to use Touchtone Teller. If you have not received a PIN for Touchtone Teller, please contact a Member Services Representative at 800-440-6573.

With Touchtone Teller:
  • Check account balances
  • Confirm cleared checks
  • Transfer funds
  • Monitor deposits & withdrawals
  • Verify credit card transactions
  • Track interest
  • View loans & mortgages
  • Make loan payments
  • And much more

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