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Htee Na

Karen Interpreter
Branch Location: Huron

Originally from Burma, Htee Na (pronounced Tina) is fluent in four languages and supervisors all the interpreters at Dakotaland. In 2008, Htee Na was one of the first of the Karen political refugees to arrive in Huron from to the Tham Hin Refugee Camp in Thailand. Upon arrival in the United States, she began the lengthy process of becoming a US Citizen. On March 7, 2014, she was sworn in and became one of the first Karen in Huron to become an American Citizen. Htee Na feels personally responsible for the success and failures of her people and goes above and beyond every day to help make their lives better. Htee Na has four children, as eldest son, Eh Khu, two daughters, Ne Soe and Nitya, and her youngest son, John Htoo. In 2016, HteeNa married Jeff Johnson, a very patient and loving man who supports her commitment to her people in every way. Htee Na likes to spend her time shopping and sharing the native Karen foods she cooks.