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Keeping What's Important in Mind

When it’s important to you, we bring our best. Diversify your savings options with a better rate of return without the risk while keeping your funds readily available. It’s how our Investor’s Choice account is designed.

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Investors Choice

An Investor's Choice account gives you the flexibility to invest money at a higher rate than a Basic Savings Account, without locking your money into a specific term as you would with a Certificate of Deposit. If you're looking for a higher rate, easy access & federally-insured security for your savings, this account is for you.

  • There's no minimum to open your account
  • With a deposit as low as $500 you will begin earning dividends
  • Make deposits & withdrawals anytime with no penalty
  • Dividend rates are tiered to reward you as your money grows
  • Rates are subject to change at any time

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Our savings options come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Calculate where your deposit might go:

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