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As a credit union, our not-for-profit status allows us to minimize the expense of doing business. Look to us for better rates and lower fees with a focus on people helping people.

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Checking Account Fees

Monthly Fee None
Overdraft (per item-check, Check card or ACH debit) $28.00
Returned Check (per item - check or ACH) $28.00
Stop Payment Order Placed Per Order (Check or ACH) $25.00
Check Printing (depends on style and quantity selected) Varies
Temporary Checks (4 per Page) $2.00
Photocopy of Check - Per Item (Free when retrieved through our online banking over the past 5 years) $2.00
Overdraft Covered by Loan (Overdraft Protection) None
Early Account Closing & Immediate Reopen Within 90 Days (Checking Only) $15.00
Early Account Closing Within 90 Days (with Checking Only) $5.00