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Use e*Teller to manage your Credit Union account(s) 24 hours a day. You have online access to view and transact business on most all your Dakotaland accounts and it's absolutely FREE. Anytime. Anywhere. To sign up for e*Teller, Click Here.

      • View the balances, transaction history, and other account details

      • Transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts

      • Make Credit Union loan and VISA Credit Card payments

      • View and print PDF-format images of your monthly e*Statements

      • View and print front and back images of your cleared checks with Check Imaging

      • Withdraw money from your savings or checking account(s) and have it sent to your
         address on file

      • Reorder checks

      • Set user-defined options such as changing your e*Teller password and e-mail address

      • Use the Loan Advance option to transfer into your checking or savings from your
         Dakotaland VISA, Overdraft Protection or Home Equity Line of Credit

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